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Architecture, Interior Design, Project Management (ÖBA), Furniture Manufacturing, Furniture Trade, Brand Design, Real Estate Concepts


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M&G Innenarchitektur und Bauplanungs GmbH

Abelegasse 10, 1160 Vienna

tel +43 1 / 479 65 58
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THE competence centre for residential properties, garden and design. To realise your personal dream home, you need competent specialists from various fields.

Finding these and then coordinating them takes a lot of time and sometimes even a lot of nerves. There is another way: The Formdepot combines renowned companies and selected luxury brands quite conveniently under one roof and under a central coordination.

Get suggestions for your home on 1,400 m² of space – and upon request get advice and services from structural engineers, architects, interior designers, soil specialists to garden designers at the same time. By bringing together individual specialists and project management through a “meta-architect”, who deals with all the design, craftsmanship and logistical tasks, you’ll have more time to just relax and look forward to your new home!

Öffnungszeiten: Montag bis Freitag 09:00-18:00 Uhr und nach telefonischer Terminvereinbarung. Um für unsere Kunden eine optimale Betreuung gewährleisten zu können, bitten wir in jedem Fall um eine Terminvereinbarung vorab!

Formdepot Gmbh

Abelegasse 10, 1160 Vienna

tel +43 1 / 479 65 58